Radiance Therapy

Personalized treatments blending
various modalities of massage

To schedule an appointment in Encinitas or in the comfort of your own home, please call or text me at (781) 789-3506.

Specialized Massage Techniques

Relaxation Swedish Massage

I create a calming, accepting, and comforting space, which allows you to fully let go and relax. Swedish massage uses a lighter pressure with a focus on increasing circulation. Swedish massage is great for stress relief as it calms the nervous system so healing can take place. Gentle techniques are used to clear stagnation and increase movement of blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is extremely beneficial in releasing chronic tension, postural imbalances and holding patterns. A slower pace is used to allow the tissue to gradually let go, layer by layer. I use my elbows and forearms to sink deep into the muscles to create a “hurt so good” feeling rather than any pain or resistance. I will encourage you to breath deep to give your muscles permission to let go.

"My intention is to create a space where you can fully relax
and take time to care for yourself."

Sports Massage

As a spin instructor and athlete myself, I have a personal appreciation for the benefits of bodywork between events and workouts. Although I prefer a more preventative approach to injuries, I feel so much joy when helping my clients overcome injuries to enjoy the activities that make them happy. A blend of positional release techniques, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching (PNF), broad cross fiber and deep transverse friction, are used to break up scar tissue and holding patterns. My more focused techniques will increase range of motion, release holding patterns and lengthen specific muscle groups to create balance and free mobility.

In-Home Massage

I bring all supplies needed for a relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home. Table, therapeutic oils and lotions, sheets, table warmer, aromatherapy, candles and relaxing music are included.
* Couples massage is also an option with sessions back to back. If you would like your massages simultaneously, I will gladly arrange that with another massage therapist who I work closely with.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

NMT is one of my favorite techniques because it is so productive, transformative and long lasting. NMT address muscle spasms, chronic tension, nerve compression or entrapment, postural imbalances and past injuries or car accidents. NMT techniques work to break the pain cycles of the nervous system by releasing Myofascial Trigger points which are hyperirritable points within bands of muscle tissue or fascia. Many trigger points develop in ischemic tissue, where there is a constriction of blood flow. This lack of proper blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the muscle causes spasm and pain. Referred or radiating pain is a common characteristic of a trigger point. To release these points, I will hold a steady pressure on the point for about 15 seconds until you feel a change. This change signifies a release in the contracted tissue and "deprogramming" of that repetitive pain cycle. Weekly sessions are highly recommended for the first few weeks to “re-train” the nervous system so it does not return to its old painful patterns. Once your pain is relieved, self care or minimum sessions are needed to maintain that “re-educated state” of the muscular and nervous systems.

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones add an extra soothing element to a massage by applying heat and the earths grounding energy to the skin and muscular tissues. Depending on your preference, deep tissue can also be included once the muscles are warmed up and ready to have that tension melted away. Hot stone massage is intended to fully relax the mind, body and soul leaving you feeling like a new person.
*contraindicated during pregnancy

Sensory Repatterning

I learned this unique technique directly from James Stewart, the creator of Sensory Repatterning. You will remain clothed and can expect a fluid like flow, with rocking and cradling motions which are particularly useful for those who are new to massage or have a harder time letting go. The technique intends to mirror the feeling of protection in the womb and as an infant, where true relaxation and balance is felt with ease.

Pregnancy Massage

There is a special place in my heart for helping moms and moms-to-be. With all of my experience working with children and families, I naturally connect with parents and appreciate all that you do to support your families. Pre-natal massage uses a light to medium pressure, avoiding certain acupressure points, to increase circulation and balance in the body. Many women often suffer from low back, hip and neck pain as well as edema or swelling in their lower limbs. Circulatory massage can help the venous return and blood flow to reduce swelling and tension throughout the body. A comfortable mom creates a more harmonious environment for the baby living inside so both Mom and their little one get to receive the benefits.

Kids Massage

With my 12 years of working with children of various ages, many with special needs, I connect with them naturally. Children benefit from massage just as much, if not more than adults because stress and holding patterns can be prevented even before they are formed.

Spa Massage Parties

I love spa parties and have so much fun hosting them! I have a dear friend and talented massage therapist who I team up with if the party is large. A perfect gift or gathering for bridal parties, moms or just quality time together with friends and family.

Corporate Office Massage

Desk jobs are a leading cause of chronic back, neck and hip tension. Office massage is often set up in 10-15 minute intervals where employees are able to take a break from their desks to stop, relax and rejuvenate. All supplies will be provided and employees usually stay clothed for time efficiency. The result….increased productivity, a more positive work atmosphere and happier employees!


Personalized Treatments in Encinitas:
60 min massage: $100
75 min massage: $115
90 min massage: $130

In-Home Massage
Additional fee for travel and table setup

Power of Your Breath

I encourage you to focus on your breathing,
be present and let go of all responsibilities.

About Rachel

Rachel has a huge heart and pours that caring energy into all that she does. She is an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist and it is her intention to create a personalized treatment to help you reach your individual health goals, while also giving you a break to let go of all responsibilities.

Rachel first recognized the power of touch and intention while working with children with autism and sensory sensitivities for over ten years. Her constant giving to others and not enough to herself was the root of her struggle with migraines and neck pain for many years. She feels her pain was the catalyst that led her toward her true passion: guiding others on their healing path using massage and bodywork. She blends various modalities such as deep tissue, swedish, sports massage, sensory repatterning and neuromuscular therapy to create a productive, yet relaxing massage treatment.

There is a special place in her heart for moms to be, parents and athletes recovering from injuries but she appreciates the uniqueness of each and every one of her clients. Rachel believes that one must fill their self up before they can give whole-heartedly to others. It brings her true joy to create a space where you can take time to care for yourself and do just that.


“If you are looking to manage chronic pain without being chained to strong prescription pills, you should see Rachel Shevlin. I met Rachel when I pulled my neck during a self-defense class. I was like a robot. I couldn’t move my neck to look up, down or sideways. After 90-minutes with Rachel, viola! The pain greatly diminished allowing me to move my neck. I also suffer from migraines. The kind that would force you to stay in bed in silence and darkness. Rachel routinely releases any accumulated stress in my shoulders, neck and forearms which could trigger my migraines. I used to run 5Ks every weekend, but it came at a price. I now suffer from shin splints. I still can’t run, but now I am able to jog a 5K. Before, the pain was so immense I couldn’t finish jogging a 5K.

Rachel’s approach is realistic and methodical. She won’t give you empty promises that one treatment will make it all go away. If you see Rachel for a treatment, you are a valued patient. You are not a number. She will give you her full attention and constantly check that your needs are being met during the session. Most important of all, Rachel upholds the sacredness of medical privacy. She truly, sincerely cares and listens without passing judgment.

I’ve had massage therapies all over San Diego County even as far as Los Angeles County to find any kind of relief without resorting to popping pills. You are truly in good hands with Rachel.”
- Melissa A.

"I found Rachel when looking for someone who could use structural integration techniques to help work through some trouble spots. She has been so patient and kind to help me work through those issues. Her massages have assisted in helping my body feel better, especially in chronically tight areas. She has great ideas about ways to help reach the goals of the patient. But also does not force those ideas, she is very accommodating to what the client wants. I feel lucky to have found Rachel and I will continue to see her for my massage needs."
- Josh R.

"I met Rachel almost two years ago when we began working together at a Wellness Center. After hearing other employees rave about Rachel’s massage I had to try her out for myself. Now I am happy to say we have a beautiful and frequent massage trade that I hope will last forever. I have watched Rachel grow into a fantastic therapist and an amazing friend. Rachel has a warm and nurturing intuitive nature; which brings a sense of immediate comfort to all who receive work from her. Her massage style creates the perfect balance of relaxation while working deeper into all your tight spots. I always rise from her massage table feeling fresh, new, and loved. Her deep tissue skills, knowledge of muscle anatomy, and innate ability to understand what each of her clients needs continues to amaze me."
-Jaimie Gunn, Massage Therapist

"Rachel Shevlin is a trustworthy and loving caregiver. I've been getting massages by Rachel for over a year, and I love my time spent with her. I've never felt more comfortable than I do with Rachel. Whether I am in her lounge or at my own home she always provides a peaceful environment. Rachel is great for a relaxing massage, or a deeper healing massage. She always makes sure to address my chief complaint.

What I like best about Rachel is her background education and her willingness to share her understanding with clients. Rachel has a profound knowledge of human muscular anatomy, ergonomics and biomechanics. She uses logic to find the sources of my pain and gives me exercises and stretches to get to the root of the problem. While I'm getting my massage, Rachel often tells me the specific muscle she is targeting, its anatomical attachments, and what I may be doing to cause pain there.

Rachel is full of love and light. She has a passion for health and wellness and has the talent to make a difference in my life. I'm thankful for all her care and healing work."
-Jane E. Vu, DDS

Rachel Shevlin
Licensed Massage Therapist
CMT # 47943

Call or text with any questions or to schedule an appointment.